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Shine a Light of Faith with Home & Blessings: Custom Christian Candles

At Home & Blessings, we're a husband and wife team, pouring our love for God and craftsmanship into beautiful, custom candles. We believe candles are more than just light – they can be a beacon of faith, illuminating moments of peace, inspiration, and celebration.

We specialize in helping churches, ministries, and fellow Christians create private label candles that uplift and inspire. Whether you're raising funds, fostering community, or celebrating a wedding, we're here to help you shine a light on what matters most.

Why Choose Home & Blessings for Christian Candles?

  • Spreading the Light: Share the message of Christ with custom candles featuring scripture verses, inspirational messages, or beautiful symbols of your faith.
  • Strengthening Your Community: Create unique candles for church events, fundraisers, or fellowship gatherings. Your custom candles can be a symbol of unity and a cherished reminder of shared moments.
  • Faith-Filled Products, Handcrafted with Love: We use only the finest ingredients and pour every candle with respect and reverence, keeping your intentions close to our hearts.

Light the Way with Fundraising Candles:

Our custom fundraising program allows you to create beautiful, fragrant candles that celebrate your faith while raising crucial funds for your church or ministry. This is a perfect option for youth groups, mission trips, or building projects.

Celebrate Your Faith-Filled Wedding:

A wedding is a sacred union, a joyous celebration of love blessed by God. We specialize in creating personalized wedding candles that illuminate the path towards a Christ-centered marriage.

  • Symbolic Keepsake: Commemorate your vows with a beautiful, handcrafted candle featuring inspiring messages, scripture verses, or symbols of your faith.
  • Unity in Christ: Choose a unity candle ceremony where two flames become one, reflecting the joining of your lives before God.
  • Peaceful Ambiance: Set the mood for your ceremony and reception with custom-scented candles that create a prayerful atmosphere.

The Home & Blessings Touch:

We offer a collaborative approach to ensure your private label experience reflects your faith:

  • Concept & Design: We'll work closely with you to understand your ministry's mission and vision. Together, we'll choose the perfect vessel, fragrance, and label design that reflects your faith and inspires peace.
  • Prayerful Production: As a small, faith-based company, we believe in the power of prayer. We pour every candle with intention, keeping your goals and vision close at heart.
  • Personalized Service, Delivered with Care: Relax and let us handle the manufacturing and delivery of your custom candles. We take pride in personalized service and ensuring your candles arrive safely, ready to illuminate your special occasions.

Let Us Help You Shine:

We're passionate about helping fellow Christians create beautiful candles that spread the message of love, hope, and faith. Contact us today to discuss your project and receive a free quote. Together, let's illuminate the world with the light of Christ!

Ready to share your light?

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